Das Haus
7:30 am - 11:30 pm
lounge open day and night
guest kitchen
7:30 am - 11:30 pm
staff only

washing machine/dryer

5,00 € for washing & drying
rainwater collector


14,- € - 17,- € per person

21,- € - 23,- € per person

17,- € - 20,- € per person

21,- € - 23,- € per person

21,- € - 23,- € per person
1 double bed room

25,- € - 28,- € per person
1-3 bed/apartment

on request
1 double bed room

25,- € - 28,- € per person
2 bed room

25,- € - 28,- € per person

Plan of the house

Rest and relaxation…

The building has a colourful past as a hotel, one explanation for the excellent existing sanitary facilities. We offer various rooms from single to seven-beds, some of them with bathrooms.

Operations centre …

… Common room, communications centre, information, breakfast room… just call it what you want: Everything’s appropriate when it comes to our lounge on the ground floor. Here you can start the day with a thrifty breakfast, meet the other guests or have a break in our little library. Our information counter is also reception and shop, where questions and problems are immediately taken care of.

Townside’s green side

Sustainability in travel, housing and economics are important to us. That’s why ecological standards were considered in all house alterations. Up to this point, we have energy-saving bulbs throughout the house and draw only clean power. A solar array is planned and we are really proud of our in-house rainwater collection facilities, which operate all toilet flushes.

Fynn E.


Reception / Service